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Scheduling / Evaluation Outcome


In order to schedule an evaluation with COES you must do the following:

1.  Pay a minimum $50.00 deposit.  The deposit is deducted from the $150.00 fee.  Payment may be made in cash or certified funds such as a money order or cashier's check.  Please make your certified funds payable to C.O.E.S. and mail to PO Box 304 Bend, OR 97701.  You may also leave payment in our office drop box.  We do not accept personal checks. 

2.  Provide us a copy of the Discovery Packet related to your case.  The Discovery Packet is essentially the police report.  You will need to contact your attorney's office and ask that they email the Discovery Packet to

3.  Provide us a Certified Court Print of your OREGON DMV record.  We will provide you with the form necessary to order your record. (See "DMV Order Your Own Record" in Forms page)  Regardless of what State you reside in, if you have been charged with DUII in Oregon you have an Oregon DMV record.

Once you have made your deposit payment, provided us with your Discovery Packet and Oregon DMV record, you may contact us and schedule your evaluation.

Our office hours are currently Monday - Wednesday 8:00 am  - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm and Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.  Our phone system accepts voicemails only during business hours.  If you call during business hours and we are unable to answer, please leave a voicemail.  We will return all calls within two business days. 

Please note that failure to report to COES as scheduled will result in a missed appointment fee of $25.00.  Any re-scheduling to an evaluation appointment must be made at least two business days prior to the appointment or a $25.00 re-scheduling fee will be charged.  Additionally, if you arrive late for your appointment you may be required to re-schedule and charged the re-scheduling fee.

Evaluation Outcome

DUII Rehabilitation Program

Those who are referred by the ADSS for DUII alcohol and drug treatment will be assessed by the treatment provider to develop an individualized treatment plan.  Unlike some states, in Oregon there is not a set amount of time that an individual will be in DUII alcohol and drug treatment.  The time it takes to complete will in part be based on individual treatment needs, individual engagement and participation in alcohol and drug treatment and individual progress.  While in treatment, individuals will be required to demonstrate at least 90 continuous days of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.  This is not to say that 90 days is the length of the alcohol and drug treatment program, only that the required abstinence is a minimum of 90 continuous days. The 90 days of abstinence must continue through to the individual's successful discharge from alcohol and drug treatment.  Individuals who produce a positive drug test will have the 90 day requirement restart and they will not be able to complete alcohol and drug treatment until 90 days have passed without an additional positive test.

Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 309-019-0195 (13)

DUII Education Program

The requirement for Oregon's DUII Education Program are outlined in OAR 309-019-0195 (5).  Requirements include 12 to 20 hours of alcohol and drug education.  The alcohol and drug education is over a minimum of four sessions over four consecutive weeks.  In addition to the alcohol and drug education requirements, individuals are expected to demonstrate abstinence from use of intoxicants as evidenced by negative urinalysis reports.  Individuals who provide a positive alcohol and drug test will be required to enter and successfully completed a DUII Rehabilitation Program including the 90 days of abstinence as outlined above.

DUII Education Program may be required on individuals who are on a DUII diversion agreement or who are convicted of DUII.  Fewer individuals are evaluated as requiring DUII Education in comparison to the number who are evaluated as requiring DUII Rehabilitation Program.

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