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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my appointment take?

 Appointments are scheduled for an hour's time.

What happens during the evaluation?

Your evaluator will go over the Diversion or Conviction process with you; ask you background questions and help you choose a treatment center with you that works with your transportation and financial needs.

 Can I do an evaluation by telephone?

If you live greater than 75 miles outside of the Tri-County (Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson) area you may complete an evaluation by telephone.

Will my insurance cover this evaluation?

No.  We do not accept any kind of insurance.   However, some treatment programs accept insurance payments.

What is a Discovery Packet and how do I get mine to you?

A Discovery Packet contains the narrative of your DUII arrest along with other important information we need.  You will contact your attorney's office and ask that they email COES your Discovery Packet.  If you did not have an attorney you may contact the appropriate County District Attorney's Office and request that they provide a copy.

Can someone else bring my paperwork and/or payment to you?

Yes, however they will not be able to schedule your evaluation appointment.  You must personally schedule your own appointment.

Do I have to have my evaluation scheduled / completed within a certain time frame?

Most conviction sentencing orders indicate a time frame in which the Court requires that you have the evaluation completed by, generally within 30 to 90 days of sentencing.  Diversion clients are expected to have an evaluation completed within 90 days of entering the diversion agreement. 

I'm in trouble with the Court / my PO.  Can I get an evaluation this week?

Probably not.  We are normally booked out two to three weeks.  We will make every effort to get you in as soon as possible.

My friend recommended a different treatment center.  Can I switch?

If the need for a transfer arises, there is a specific process that must take place before we will consider a re-referral.  DO NOT take it upon yourself to move from one treatment provider to another.  Contact us first.

I'm an out of state DUII conviction client and I just finished treatment.  How do I get my DMV certificate?

Pursuant to OAR 309-019-0195 (15) you will be required to provide certain documentation to the Oregon Health Authority Health Systems Division (Division) .  Once you have provided the Division with the appropriate documentation, the Division shall issue a DUII Treatment Completion Certificate.  We will discuss this process with you at time of your evaluation. 

I'm done with treatment.  What do I do now?

Our office will notify the appropriate County Circuit Court and District Attorney's Office of your treatment completion.  If you are a diversion client you may need to contact your attorney to discuss filing a Motion to Dismiss.  Do not drink alcohol or use any kind of drug for the remainder of your diversion period or your probation term.

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